About me


About Oksana

Born and raised in Russia, Oksana moved to Denver with her family when she was 14. Growing up on two different sides of the world drew her to the beauty all around her. For Oksana, beauty was always an experience.


Oksana’s love for interior design began at an early age when, as a child, she would catch herself contemplating how to rearrange furniture or make friend’s homes more comfortable. In high school, she learned there is actually a degree for what already came so natural to her. And she knew what she was destined to do.


After completing her degree in Interior Design, Oksana worked as a lead designer at MMCollazo & Associates for 10 years. During that time, she not only gained expertise in working with a variety of residential and commercial spaces, styles and budgets, she acquired valuable contacts and resources as well.


Pure Design originated from Oksana's desire to inspire her clients to imagine and express what has only been perceived by their senses.


 - Oksana Kreiman, Founder and Principle Designer